Four Islands

The Four Krabi Islands are Koh Gai (chicken Island, named because, believe it or not, it is shaped like a chicken), Koh Tup, Koh Mawr and Koh Poda are amongst the most photographed locations in Thailand and really are a must see.

Even if you have never snorkeled before, don't miss the chance! Right off the beach there are hundreds of small brightly coloured fish so you can stand in the sea and put your mask under-water and you'll get a glimpse of the amazing life that is going on under there.

Alternatively, we offer a sunset trip around these magical islands. We will leave from Krabi at 2pm and travel to the islands where you will have time to relax, snorkel and swim before being served a BBQ on the beach. On our return journey we will experience a stunning sunset glaring over the Andaman Sea.